Common Social Media Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

Avoid Making Social Media Mistakes

These days, marketing your business on social media is the norm. Having a company Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all common—and even expected. This is because maintaining a good social media strategy is crucial to establishing your brand, staying relevant, and connecting with your customers.

However, many business owners tend to make some serious social media mistakes that can hurt their company. Below are some of the most common of these mistakes that business owners make when navigating their social media accounts. Whether it’s losing their temper over bad feedback or simply not posting enough, these missteps are serious and can damage a company’s online presence and even relationships with customers. Here are eight common mistakes companies make on their social media accounts:

1. Not Having a Strategy

Before you ever type out your first post, photo, or Tweet, Snap, or anything else, it’s important for you to have a solid social media strategy in place. This means having a written-out schedule of when to post, what to post, who your target audience is, and how to speak to them. What sort of posts do you want to share—life hacks? Inside industry tips? Motivational guru advice? Just your services? These are all important things to know before you start posting. Many business owners start without a clear strategy, and end up either confusing their readers, or giving up altogether.

2. Responding Impulsively To Bad Feedback

This is perhaps the most common social media mistake that business owners make. An upset customer posts negative feedback, and the owner responds too emotionally, and too quickly. It makes sense why, but business owners must maintain a professional attitude and respond with logic and maturity. No matter how angry you may be, wait awhile before responding to the negative feedback—and when you do respond, be clear, apologetic, helpful, and professional.

3. Over-Posting

Posting consistently is very important, but many business owners make the social media mistake of posting too much, and the result is they flood their followers’ news feed and end up with people unfollowing their business. Social media experts recommend business owners with a customer base of around a few thousand to post around five times a week, but it could be more or less than this depending on your industry. If you’re selling a product, you should be posting once a day. If you have a service, posting 3-5 times a week is normal. Find your balance and be consistent with it.

4. Not Engaging With Users

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason! It’s amazing how many business owners forget that social media is social. If someone leaves a comment on your company’s page or profile, that comment should be acknowledged promptly. Not only will you be taking care of that particular user, but other readers will also see that you take your business seriously enough to answer customer questions and concerns. Even if a user is just saying thank you for something, it’s important to respond.

5. Not Checking For Typos And Mistakes

This may seem unimportant, but it’s valuable. Not everyone is a great speller or writer, but it’s smart to spell-check your social media posts. When you have spelling and other mistakes in your post content, it’s hard for customers and other readers to take you seriously as a company owner. Another good practice is to double-check links, tags, and usernames to make sure they’re accurate. Don’t link to any dead-end usernames or pages. This is another common social media mistake that can make you look unprofessional.

6. Being Too “Salesy”

Pushy selling techniques on social media turn users off. It’s smart to have a strategy, but many business owners end up sounding too salesy, and readers end up just ignoring the post. Instead of a post that is too pushy, offer exciting discounts, inside industry tips, or giveaways. It’s always good to educate your customers with information and helpful advice in order to build trust and develop authority in the industry you are in.

7. Not Filling Out Information

Anywhere a social media platform has space for information, a business should take advantage of it. This doesn’t mean you need to write giant paragraphs about your company’s history—you just need to provide basic things that customers will want to know, such as operating hours, a phone number, address, etc. When a business account has empty fields where information should be, this looks unprofessional. It’s also good to have photos, since social media users respond very well to images.

8. Not Knowing Your Target Demographic

When it comes to posting on social media, it’s crucial to know who your target demographic is. Knowing exactly who you’re marketing to will help you to create posts that speak their language, are relevant to their needs and interests, and grab their attention. If you don’t know who your target audience is, the first thing you need to do is to find out through analytics and research, because this isn’t just something that’s good to know for your social media—it’s good to know for your entire business.

9. Inconsistent Branding

Another big mistake business owners make with social media is not having their branding match up over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and whatever else they may have. If a Facebook page shows a new logo and an Instagram page has an outdated logo from three years ago, that’s not good. It will seem like you don’t care about your company’s branding. If your LinkedIn features stock photos and your website shows real-life photos of your staff, that’s also not good. Once your branding is in place, go through all your social media accounts and make sure they all reflect this branding.

Remember: social media for businesses is important, now more than ever. Have a strong social media strategy that goes hand-in-hand with your branding, avoid these common social media mistakes, and go from there! At Alecan Marketing, we use the most progressive digital marketing strategies to help businesses establish and grow their brand. For more information on our digital marketing solutions, contact us.