4-Point Checklist: Foolproof Digital Advertising Plan

4-Point Checklist of Digital Advertising Plan

Not ready to say goodbye just yet to Facebook ads? That’s okay. I’m not saying to outright abandon your Facebook campaigns, but it’s crucial to have a backup plan.

According to the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 53% of surveyed marketers have seen a decline in their news feed exposure. The Facebook advertiser’s fight for newsfeed space is getting bloody, and it’s time to think about your other options.

You know that saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, let’s say Facebook advertising is the biggest and most popular basket. You may be tempted to put all your eggs in that basket, but you should never. As more and more people are using Facebook ads, they are getting more and more expensive. It’s time to think about a back up plan.

You must ensure that your online presence is safe. The best way to do this is to try different advertising platforms and to focus on what matters: your ROI. Follow these three steps to find your foolproof digital advertising plan:

1. Gather Your Data

First things first, it’s time to pull out Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and all the data you’ve gathered through countless excel sheets. Find out EVERYTHING you can about your target audience and be thorough! You will have a better idea of where you can advertise based on this data.

SIDE NOTE: Keep in mind that whether it’s a new client or not, it’s important to find general data about your industry online from reputable sources like Wordstream. Here you can see the average cost per click for each industry on Facebook ads. Determine based on your research and all the data you’ve gathered where you should try testing your ads.

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Think about where your target audience is. Are they on Snapchat, and would their attention be grasped by a vivid Geofilter at your business? Or maybe you’re a B2B advertiser and your clientele is savvy with LinkedIn. How about Pinterest if you’re selling a product online with nationwide shipping? Need brand awareness on a grander scale? Try Google Display or YouTube ads.

There are a countless number of options, and they are often more affordable than Facebook ads. In fact, Youtube ads are considerably more profitable for many industries, but because most business owners don’t put their time and resources into video production, they never seize the opportunity! Remember, it’s important to try advertising online where there is less competition and Youtube ads would be perfect.

2. Decision Making

Decision making based on data can be tricky for the average business owner, which is why it’s important to consider hiring a digital marketing agency. But as long as you have accurate data, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out where to put your money, or at least where to start testing. Remember, data will speak to you if you listen.

3. It’s Testing Time!

Ah yes, an online advertiser’s natural habitat is A/B testing because it is so important! Try out each new platform and measure your data carefully. Don’t compare apples and oranges, and keep your branding consistent. After a couple weeks to a month, you should have a pretty good idea of whether something is working for you or not. Now it’s time to put your money where you see the best results!

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4. Embrace SEO

You can dabble around in a ton of digital marketing platforms, but at the end of the day, SEO is what your priority should be. Your website belongs to only you and your business, and no third party advertising platform can take that away from you (except Google—but I won’t get into that!). You need to be thinking about the long-term, and the best way to do this is by investing time and resources into building your SEO.

You need to be thinking about the “what ifs” of the digital world, and be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If you follow these three steps, your online presence should be safe.