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Case Study ofImperial Event Venue

Imperial Event Venue is a luxurious event and wedding venue located in the heart of Pasadena, California. For over 20 years they’ve helped their affluent and diverse clientele celebrate a number of special occasions including weddings, social events, and corporate events. Their ballroom is the perfect backdrop to celebrating life’s most precious moments.

The Problem


Imperial’s original website was suffering tremendously in a number of areas including its design and search engine optimization. Their website was being handled by an overseas company that was using strategies and tactics that were frowned upon by search engines like Google. As a result, their website plummeted in the rankings which lead to poor domain authority and more importantly – significantly fewer booking inquiries. Their website design also didn’t accurately portray the beauty of their venue and the diverse and affluent clientele they catered to and tried to attract.

Imperial Event Venue
Imperial Event Venue

The Solution


After Imperial Event Venue reached out to us to begin working on their project, our team did a thorough and detailed analysis of their current situation. We quickly recognized that their old website domain was simply unusable as it had a poor domain authority and hundreds of spammy and unnatural links from various countries. We recognized that it would take years to clean up the mess and instead decided on starting from scratch and on a brand new domain. With a brand new domain, our team had control of how Google and other search engines viewed their website.

In order to properly reflect the diverse clientele that Imperial wanted, their new website needed content to accurately portray the diverse events they hosted. Every decision made in the design and structure reflected that goal.

The Marketing Channels We Utilized Are:

*This case study is a snapshot of the first Six months of our business relationship.


As part of our comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Imperial, it was evident that a rebrand was necessary in order to portray a brand that was able to earn the affluent clientele they were after. A rebrand gave us a chance to help find a new voice and to leverage their unique strengths as a brand.

After many discussions with ownership, research, and various drafts, our team designed a new logo as well as a color palette that would help differentiate them and would pique the interest of their desired diverse clientele.

Their new logo and color palette offers a more regal look that unifies their vision and tells the story of their rich history.

Imperial Event Venue Color Pallet
Imperial Event Venue Rebranding

Website Redesign

Our years of experience in the wedding venue industry have shown us a few things when it comes to designing a new website – the images and feels of your website directly impact how successful you are at attracting your ideal clientele.

Imperial Event Venue champions itself as a diverse venue capable of celebrating special occasions for many different cultures. However, their website, unfortunately, didn’t portray their diverse clientele.

We knew the first step to designing a new website and making diverse visitors feel welcomed was to get the right content that portrayed the type of clientele they wanted. Our team set up and managed a full-scale photo and video shoot at their venue with models that would show off their ballroom in a number of different settings. This provided us with the right content to design their website around. Their website was also designed to be fully scalable for the future, properly optimized for search engines, and mobile-friendly. Our experience shows us that on average over 60% of wedding venue website visitors enter the site through a mobile device.

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Bounce Rate
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Increase In Visitor
Duration on Websites
Imperial Event Venue Website Redesign
Imperial Event Venue Seo Results

Search Engine Optimization

Part of our long-term client acquisition strategy for Imperial was to develop a full-scale search engine optimization plan that would pay off dividends for years to come in the form of new booking inquiries. After researching the ideal clientele that they wanted, we did in-depth research into the behaviors and phrases that would most likely resonate with this audience.

Our team developed content across all pages of the website that spoke the language of their ideal clientele and would answer their most important question about the event they wanted to host which would ultimately lead them towards inquiring about an event.

Each page had content tailor-made for the audience it was targeting and the type of service that the page was about. This hyper-focused content ensured each page was relevant to the user that visited it. It also helped play a role in our Google Search ads strategy which we will highlight later on in this case study.

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Search Traffic
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Increase in Search
Traffic Conversion
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Return On
Investment (ROI)

Facebook Paid Ads

Apart from our long-term client acquisition strategy, it was pertinent to focus on an immediate-results strategy that would allow Imperial to receive new booking inquiries while our team worked on their long-term strategy.

 The powerful capabilities of Facebook and Instagram ads were an ideal place to help build brand awareness and earn more booking inquiries for Imperial.

Our team designed a dedicated landing page for the paid traffic that was specifically designed to guide the user towards inquiring about their venue for an event.

Imperial Event Venue Social Ads
Imperial Event Venue Funnel Pages
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Increase in Conversion Rate
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Decrease of Cost Per Conversion
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Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

Google Search Ads

To continue to make Imperial’s web presence felt and be front and center for their ideal target audience, we utilized another strategic channel to earn more qualified booking inquiries. Google Search Ads offered the ability to use the inbound marketing tactic that produces ideal conversion rates in the wedding venue industry.

Our team created campaigns for each type of event that Imperial hosted and sent users to pages that were highly relevant to their search terms. This high relevancy helped not only reduce the cost per click and cost per booking inquiry but it also helped with our SEO strategy as users spent more time on the website and interacted with it more.

In the constant pursuit of improvement, our team consistently analyzed the data coming in from the search ads and made regular modifications to the campaigns to lower the costs. We optimized for the right time of day to deliver ads, allocated more budget to the most impactful search terms and campaigns, and eliminated searches that weren’t fruitful.

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Decrease in Average Cost Per Click (CPC)
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Decrease in Cost Per Lead
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Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
Imperial Event Venue Google Ads

Client Testimonial

"Getting meaningful leads and event bookings used to be a tough grind. But ever since we started working with Alecan they’ve completely changed our outlook on where our business can go. The knowledge and industry expertise they bring to the table is unmatched and we’re now growing more than we ever expected. Their team went above and beyond our expectations."
Imperial Event Venue
Director of operations