Case Study of Lazer Lounge

Established in late 2017, Lazer Lounge provides the latest in skincare and beauty treatments. Their core mission is to help clients boost inner confidence and provide the highest quality medical aesthetic services in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The Problem


After analyzing the current state of their online presence, we established a few major issues that required immediate attention. Their existing website was not built and designed to be easily updated for new services or additions and it was not scalable. Aesthetically speaking, the website was in need of a major update in order to accurately portray their vision, their beautiful establishment, and their quality of service they offer to clients. Finally, Lazer Lounge wanted to focus on not only gaining new clients but actually retaining them and increasing their customer lifetime value.

The Solution


After taking over their project in early 2020 before the pandemic hit, we knew that we would need to implement a strategic multi-channel digital marketing approach that would allow Lazer Lounge to meet where their clients are online. The focus was to blend a long-term and immediate-results strategy that would help increase customer retention and create a better customer lifetime value. When it came to our immediate-results strategy, Facebook Paid Ads, we collaborated with Lazer Lounge to find a service offer that would ensure that a new client would return anywhere from 2-4 times in a year.

The Marketing Channels We Utilized Are:

*This case study is a snapshot of the first Six months of our business relationship.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

As part of our immediate-results strategy, our team designed a comprehensive and engaging paid Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign that targeted their ideal clients based on location and specific interests and behaviors.

When thoroughly analyzing their various services and profit margins we decided to choose a treatment that would not only be enticing for the client to come in for a first visit but would almost assure that they would continue returning 2-4 times a year to maintain the treatment. This strategy allowed us to start increasing the customer lifetime value of their patients.

Our team also added an attractive upsell to the promotion that resulted in 34% of newly acquired patients purchasing the upsell offer as an addition. This helped to significantly increase revenue and their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Case Study - Lazer Lounge - IG Ads

$10.72Cost Per Appointment Requests

168%Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

82%Increase In Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Optimizing For Higher Conversions

After analyzing user behavior and data, our team made adjustments both to the user experience and user interface that simplified the booking process and provided a clearer and more digestible message for the user that resulted an increase in the overall conversion rate.

Case Study - Lazer Lounge - Conversion Graph

92%Increase In Conversion Rate

Case Study - Lazer Lounge - Funnel Page
Case Study - Lazer Lounge - Website Redesign

Website Redesign

In order to target their ideal client and properly portray their high quality medical spa services, a website redesign was a must. Lazer Lounge management favored some elements of their original website which we were able to blend together with a more modern and user-friendly interface and experience that actively guided users to the end goal which was booking an appointment.

After analyzing the various services they provided we created an elegant design that provided users with easy access to the right information that was both educational and desirable.

To create greater trust between the user and Lazer Lounge, our team implemented and added various “buyer selling points” that are highlighted in key points across the entirety of the website.

134%Increase In Pages Viewed Per Session

48%Decrease In Bounce Rate

52%Increase In Visitor Duration on Websites

Case Study - Lazer Lounge - Website Conversion Graph

Optimizing For Better Conversions

In marketing, it’s essential to constantly test various images, colors, copy placements, titles, and much more in order to maximize your conversions. Our team made sure to present the proper information in key places to allow for a pleasant user experience and to answer their most desired questions in the right order. As a result of consistent data analysis and testing, we maximized the conversions for our desired user action.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the problems we aimed to solve was the visibility of Lazer Lounge on the search engine and to attract more local and organic search traffic.

Our team did a systematic and comprehensive SEO analysis of their old website as well as thorough and exhaustive keyword research based on all of the treatments and services they provide.

In order to properly optimize their website, we constructed the entire website with SEO in mind and created unique content on each page that will be favored by search engines. The content is designed to answer each visitor’s most important questions and to help rank the web pages for specific search terms.

298%Increase in Organic Search Traffic

123%Increase in Search Traffic Conversion

175%Return On Investment (ROI)

Case Study - Lazer Lounge - Search Engine Results & Stats

Client Testimonial

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Rita Parsamyan
Owner / BSN, RN, PHN