American Dismantling

American Dismantling approached Alecan Marketing in an effort to revamp their website and gain a larger share of the used car part search traffic which would ultimately lead to more conversions and sales.

Upon beginning the research phase of this project, right away we noticed the complete lack of optimization for search engines and keywords on the website. Secondly, it was apparent that we needed to do a complete makeover to enhance the user experience.

Part of our strategy was to gain an understanding of the proper language used for this industry. We used this new knowledge in the content and page development aspect of our marketing efforts. In order to improve American Dismantling’s search engine rankings, it was imperative that we designed unique pages for each part while adding the proper content to each page. The content needed to be both SEO friendly and informative for the user.

Not only was our website redesign intended for desktop use, but it was vital for us to make it mobile friendly and responsive. This will help with the overall user experience and help towards increasing their rankings.

As part of the redesign, we had to implement a search functionality for their inventory system. After all, each user wants to know if American Dismantling has the part they need. We successfully implemented the search functionality with a third-party service.

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