Monave Flooring

Due to the unique nature of Monave Flooring’s business model, they approached us to help properly portray their two divisions on their website. Not only does Monave Flooring work with homeowners but they also have a stand-alone division that exclusively works with property management companies to help provide a quick turnaround for their needs.

Their new website would need to adequately identify their two divisions and funnel each visitor into the proper section of the website which is customized to their own needs. Their immediate focus was on the property management division with the homeowner section of the website still under construction.

When constructing and designing the property management website, it was imperative that the right information was relayed to users. Since property management companies typically require a very quick turnaround on jobs, we made it a point to emphasize typical job times as well as having a wide selection of flooring options always in stock.

Monave’s website is designed with SEO in mind. We did ample keyword research to identify what content the website would need that would help it rank higher on the search results pages.

Part of our strategy with this client was to run highly-targeted Facebook and LinkedIn. We created a unique audience that targeted property managers with creative and eye-catching visuals and copy.

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