New Era Drug Testing

As one of the premier DOT drug testing consortiums in the country, New Era Drug Testing came to us in need of increasing their online sales through their website and to make the process more automated.

In order to help them achieve their goal, our team quickly realized that their website needed a complete overhaul to simplify the buying process by creating a more streamlined user interface and experience.

Due to the nature of their industry, we developed a search engine optimization strategy that would target keywords for both top of sales funnel and mid-to-lower funnel prospects. The content we created will cater to these types of users.

Increasing online sales not only required a simplified buying process but it also meant designing a smoother user interface, adding the right calls-to-action, and creating unique content that is tailormade for each specific type of buyer that lands on their website. This unique content, combined with the right engaging calls-to-action, will answer the user’s most important questions and guide them towards making a purchase through the newly simplified buying process.

As always, our team developed their website with scalability in mind and to ensure that it would allow for easy changes in the future should they be necessary.

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