Renaissance Banquet Hall

After building a strong relationship with the owners at Metropol Banquet for their venue website, they turned to us to help develop and deliver another website for their other event venue, Renaissance Banquet.

After taking over the website for Metropol Banquet, we had an idea of what roadblocks our team would have to navigate in order to develop a new, gorgeous website that portrayed the luxury of Renaissance Banquet. Being known as one of the most beautiful venues in Los Angeles, Renaissance’s current website focused far too much on content and the technical aspects of SEO while forgetting to balance it with a beautiful and engaging user interface.

When designing the website for Renaissance our team knew we had to keep scalability in mind for future additions to their website. Their website was designed to allow our team to easily make new additions to their website while still offering the same beautiful aesthetic.

In addition to ensuring scalability, our team designed the website with SEO in mind. Before beginning the changes, we did an in-depth analysis of their current SEO as well as the proper keywords that were necessary to focus on. This allowed a smooth transition for our team when designing and launching the new website. This allowed us to minimize any impact on rankings when finally launching their new site.

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