Vahe Zargarian Real Estate

Although local real estate agent Vahe Zargarian had been in the business for over ten years, he had no web presence and no recognizable brand identity. Zargarian approached Alecan Marketing for a website to reach and attract new clients online.

We achieved Zargarian’s request by designing his WordPress website from scratch, building pages to highlight his professional experiences and providing informative content that serves to educate users. We re-branded his company by designing a new logo and using visuals that reflected a personal touch, which is profound in his industry. We also included an API system that provides user information based on their location, going even further to provide relevant and personalized information. We even implemented the third-party iHomeFinder system to help visitors search through market information and Zargarian’s exclusive listings and related properties. To further highlight those listings, we also did photoshoots of his exclusive properties.

Zargarian came to Alecan Marketing with absolutely no web presence, but now he has a fully functioning mobile-optimized real estate website that entices his desired clientele and perfectly reflects his ten-plus years of experience.

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Web Development - Vahe Zargarian Real Estate
Mobile Responsive Web Development - Vahe Zargarian Real Estate