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Using Infographics In A Press Release And Why It’s Important

Infographic For Press Release

Infographics (or information graphics) visually represent various information, knowledge, and/or data.  Instead of pouring text-heavy data onto reader’s eyes; the nice visual representations create a more stimulating experience for readers. Infographics have been used in various mediums, but now social media and blogs provide homes to many infographics and…that is a problem.  There are many infographics that bombard the social media and blog posts; it’s hard to find or have an infographic stick out as decent content.  How would you make an infographic be the next trendy topic?  A new idea would be through a press release.

Companies are able to help get their brand out to various news outlets with press releases and therefore it is an important marketing strategy.  However, there are many press releases released daily and coming out on top is a tough task.  This is where an infographic can come into play and boost the interest levels of a specific press release immensely.

Instead of having a layers and layers of text, an attached infographic is a nice visual summary of what readers need to know. Infographics are fun to read.  Why else are there so many in the social media and blog spaces?  Readers love it, not only for the pretty colors and graphics, but also for quickly obtaining information.  Press releases can easily be more identifiable with an infographic.  Even if the reader just reads the infographic, it will be a more engaging experience and the reader will obtain all the information that needed to be sent out in the first place.

There may be well over a hundred or even thousands of these about marketing phases on social media and blogs right now.  However, add this to a press release and this specific infograph will be seen more than leaving it out in the waters of social media.

Press releases are equivalent to reading essays, just text after text to get some kind of information.  Writers, reporters, or any other type of reader don’t have all the time in the world to read everything.  They receive news every day at every waking hour.  Sifting through a number of press releases can become a burden and at the end of the day many of those press releases will either be skimmed through or worse, skipped altogether.  A simple attention grabber is all that’s needed to hook readers.  Words become monotonous, but attaching an infographic will not only be an attention grabber, it can make reading more enjoyable.

A little more effort will go a long way and in the case of adding an infographic, it is exponentially beneficial to be used in a press release.  Both the brand and the reader get the attention they deserve and the ease on delivering the information makes it worthwhile to create an infographic.