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As a small business owner you’re handling a number of different tasks every day which makes it difficult to focus on one the important elements to a business: marketing. When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, partnering with a team that like Alecan can bring qualified leads to your and help to build your brand. Your personal team at Alecan understands that return on investment is important to you and we have a proven track record of taking small businesses and helping them grow with effective digital marketing strategies. Let us handle your marketing so that you can focus on your business.

“These guys are the most professional marketing team anyone can work with.

They exceeded our company’s expectations in every way, and opened doors for us we never thought would exist.

– Alen, Co-Founder of Pure Touch Laser Center

Plat Soil

“These guys are the most professional marketing team anyone can work with.

They exceeded our company’s expectations in every way, and opened doors for us we never thought would exist.

– Alen, Co-Founder of Pure Touch Laser Center






Our Marketing Strategies And Approach For Small Businesses

When it comes to marketing strategies for a small business, we know it’s all about return on investment. That’s why we have a specific plan in place which starts with understanding your customers, creating an innovative website design, improving your SEO, and creating a strong social media presence for your brand. Every business is unique, which means that our strategies are tailored specifically to your goals and needs. A small business digital marketing plan requires a lot of passion and dedication, and that’s why Alecan is here for you. We take over digital marketing for you so that you can spend time doing what you do best—running your business.









As a young and growing business, Lazer Lounge approached us with the need to improve their overall brand awareness and earn a steady stream of new and long-term patients.

In the highly competitive medical spa industry, it was important to differentiate themselves from the competition. Our full-scale comprehensive digital marketing campaign has increased their new patient acquisition and brand awareness through a cross-channel approach consisting of:

Lazer Lounge Med Spa Case Study
Case Study For Metropol Event Venue


In the highly competitive wedding venue industry, standing out and carving out your market share requires the proper representation for your venue from a number of different channels and angles.

Metropol Event Venue offers a gorgeous ballroom and facility which helps celebrate a number of events such as weddings, special occasions, and corporate events. Their online web presence needed a makeover to properly represent the service they provided and to attract the right audience. Through a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, we boosted their client acquisition as well as raised their brand awareness with strategies such as:


As a company that offers 24/7 emergency services, Pro Restoration company needed a high-positioned search presence in order to compete with the franchises that surround them and have compelling call-to-action messages, so that their potential customers could quickly find and reach them in the event of a disaster.

In order to meet our goals we used a cross-channel approach consisting of:

Case Study For Pro Restoration
Case Study For Mix And Match Burger


As a startup business, Mix & Match approached us with nothing but a concept and a physical location they had purchased. Our team helped build and design their brand, create awareness, and design an award-winning website that properly explained the restaurant’s concept.

Through social media marketing and influencer marketing, our team built up a fanbase that was eager to try their burger from day one. Our team helped Mix & Match dominate a crowded industry with a number of strategies including:


In an ever-changing digital age, keeping up with the competition can be cumbersome and exhausting. That was the case for our client, Imperial Event Venue which was in need of a major revamp if they wanted to grow and meet the business goals they wanted for their wedding venue in Pasadena, California.

Imperial Event Venue has a stunning facility and ballroom that focuses on helping the community celebrate weddings, special occasions, corporate events, and more. Their old online web presence was outdated and was struggling to perform in a changed digital era. They were in need of a major makeover to attract their ideal audience and a team that could tap into multiple strategies to help them achieve their goals. Alecan Marketing used an omni-channel digital marketing strategy to increase client acquisition and improve their overall web presence with strategies such as:

Imperial Event Venue - Case Study
Case Study For Modern Limousine


Professional executive transportation service in Los Angeles specializing in corporate affairs, special events, and airport transportation.

Having a website to focus on luxury with the professional brand was crucial for Modern Limo to gain exposure and distinguish itself as a more esteemed car service than ride-sharing apps. With the rise in competition, the goal was to improve and optimize existing media spent to improve ROI. Our approach consisted of:


Your small business website should reflect the care and attention to detail that you provide to your customers. Our team of designers uses strategies that are proven to engage your specific target audience. Your small business website design needs to be both visually appealing and properly optimized to convert leads into customers. Your business is unique, so it only makes sense that our website design focuses specifically on you and your audience

SEO Services
For Small Businesses

Our small business SEO services are proven to earn your website a higher ranking in the search engine results. Many people begin their searches using Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Earning a higher ranking on a search engine results page (SERP) will make a major difference in the number of people who find you, and therefore the qualified leads you’re able to earn. The important thing about SEO for your small business is that you will generate the right kinds of leads. Those who use search engines to find your business are proven to convert at a higher rate because they are actively searching for the product or service that you provide. With SEO, you’re making a long-term investment in your business that will last as long as your business exists. SEO is the best investment in your overall marketing that will give you the highest ROI.

The Benefits of SEO


Media Buying Ads To Help Your Small Business Grow

Pay Per Click - Google Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Every day there are millions of searches being done related to your small business’ product or service. The ability to grab the attention of those users and drive them to your website can earn your company a significant amount of leads or sales. Pay Per Click marketing services are one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies for a small business.

Certified Google Partner
Google Ads

Attempting to manage your own Paid Ads to save money will actually cost more marketing budget dollars due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, you will be missing out on potential new clients through improperly run paid campaigns.

Google Paid Search Ads

Small Business

Search ads for small businesses can place your company’s ad and website at the top of a user’s search when they use specific keywords related to your product or service. Paid search ads bring in highly qualified leads because those users are actively searching for what you sell. Our team has the industry expertise to drive qualified leads to your site, keep your cost per click low, and maximize your conversion rate.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Retargeting Diagram

Remarketing ads are a constant reminder of your brand or service to people that have visited your website. Your ad is shown on Google’s network of websites to those that are already familiar with your brand meaning they are more likely to convert into a customer. The Marketing Rule of 7 states a prospect must “hear” your message at least 7 times before they make a purchase.

Social Media Icons

Social Media Marketing

Part of building your small business’s online presence is doing social media marketing. Your customers are all over various platforms that we can help spread your message on. A strong social media presence can be the difference between earning a sale or not. Your team at Alecan Marketing can create a social media marketing campaign strategy to harness the power of these platforms to enhance your social media presence, build awareness, and drive qualified leads.

Social Media Marketing


Facebook Ad Campaigns

For Small Businesses

Facebook Paid Advertising

Facebook ads are ideal for small businesses. Facebook’s platform gives you the ability to be highly selective as to who sees your ad. You can choose specific locations surrounding your business where your ideal target audience is. You can also target specific interests your ideal target audience has. Your team can build compelling and attractive campaigns that will bring in sales.

Social Media Ads

Which Services Are Right for You?

Every small business is unique and requires a digital marketing campaign that is tailored for its industry and target audience. Your team at Alecan will do in-depth research on your company and industry to find what strategies should be used such as search engine optimization, paid ads, social media marketing, and more. The right multi-channel approach will ensure your budget is being spent in the right places.

At Alecan, we look at the whole picture and constantly innovate, because that’s the only way to win.

Our Small Business Marketing Solution

When you invest your hard-earned money into marketing, it needs to be placed within the right channels. Every qualified lead that is generated gives you the opportunity to continue expanding your business. As a small business owner, you know what results you want, but do you have the tools to achieve them? At Alecan, we provide small business owners like you with the tools you need to dominate your industry like never before. From a responsive website to instant lead-generating funnel pages to full competitor analysis, we give our clients everything they need to succeed—and then some.

Why Work With Alecan?

What we love about small business owners is the passion and dedication that they have for their company. At Alecan, we provide that same passion and dedication when developing digital marketing strategies for your small business. Our commitment to our clients is what has made us an award-winning agency that consistently produces results.

What makes us unique at Alecan is that we are a complete team of industry experts. Our combined years of experience have proven to deliver qualified traffic to small businesses and have helped build a strong web presence for many small business brands. While you’re busy running your company, let us handle your small business digital marketing strategies!


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

Award-Winning Marketing Agency


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

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