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Mix & Match Burger

Mix & Match Burger

With Mix & Match Burger, our challenge at Alecan was to address the restaurant’s concept and present it properly through their website. We had to clearly state the concept of this fast casual restaurant, which is “build your own gourmet burger with unlimited toppings for a flat fee”. Our team took on management of all Mix & Match Burger’s digital marketing, focusing heavily on the website.

Our goal was to create an interactive design where customers could visually build their own gourmet burgers. We also developed a way for customers to order online via third-party delivery services. Our work on Mix & Match Burger’s website paid off, as it was awarded for “Visual Appeal & Best Structure Navigation” in 2017. Besides the website, our team at Alecan also spearheaded Mix & Match Burger’s social media campaign and managed all of their photo and video production in-house.

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Web Development - Mix & Match Burger
Mobile Responsive Web Development - Mix & Match Burger