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Make A Statement And Prove Yourself As A Truly Professional Company With Outstanding Video Production

Video is fast becoming the number one way to showcase your business, share the story of your brand, and reach customers on a personal level. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram make it easy for your business to take advantage of the power of video and storytelling through commercial photography that can engage your customers and convert views into sales.

At Alecan Marketing Solutions, business photography and commercial photo shooting agency, we use our creativity and expertise in the business photography and marketing industry to tell your story and reach your exact audience, by sharing videos through social media and posting on your website, and product pages. We understand the importance of making an emotional connection with your audience and capturing in the best way possible to build a loyal customer following.

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What Can Video Production Do for Your Business?

Rather than trying to find the right words to capture your message and who you are as a business, it is so much more effective and powerful to show it, through professional video and commercial photography.

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Increase Conversions Through Creative Storytelling.

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Why Use Video Production to Market and Promote Your Business?

As technology continues to improve at an alarming rate, videos are becoming the most popular and easiest way to communicate online. You can put a real person in front of your customers which boosts your credibility and builds trust. People connect with human interaction and the face of a friendly person, rather than just another ad for a business. You can add a personal touch to your business, showcase products and services, promote a launch, special, or event, and provide valuable insider tricks and tips that are related to your products and services, increasing the perceived value you provide.

Expand the brand awareness of your company with videos and business photography on your website and on popular sites like YouTube, and enjoy click-through rates that are exponentially higher than that of image ads.

The team at Alecan will optimize videos for streaming and faster downloads and make your videos sharable on social media to expand your audience. Take advantage of video production marketing that has been shown to provide businesses with a higher rate of repeat customers.


Share your story and allow your customers to get to know your business in a much more personal way with creative video storytelling. Branded videos give your customers the chance to learn the background story of your business, and access to behind-the-scenes information. Creating lasting, emotional connections is the key with video production and commercial photography.


Building customer trust with your business is the best thing you can do to create a rock solid foundation, build a loyal following, and receive customer referrals. Video testimonials from customers are powerful to show potential clients because they can see the actual person behind the name, and see the words coming straight out of their mouth rather than reading it inside of quotation marks.


Make your customer feel like they’ve actually experienced the event you want to promote by getting them in the scenes and looking around through videos. We will help you create videos for an upcoming event that showcase its best features to increase participation and build awareness.


A photo simply shows a product, but a video displays it in every angle, shows how it is used or worn, and how people like your customers can use your product or service in their lives. Videos for products and services also allows your customers to check it out before they make a purchase, giving them a similar experience to walking into a store and inspecting the merchandise before they buy. This experience makes customers feel much more informed about your products and more comfortable to make the purchase. Once the videos have been created, our team will optimize them to boost their search engine rankings and increase click-through rates.

Our Video Production Services

We offer product and services videos, corporate videos, commercial videos, staff videos, and interactive videos with social media banners included in our video and commercial photography services.

If you could speak directly to your customers, what would you say? Explain to them just what makes you special with video production and online marketing with Alecan Marketing Solutions. Get in touch with us today to see how you can start using videos and business photography to capture your audience and create more customers.

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