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At Alecan Marketing we know the value of a strong and quick start for your startup’s digital marketing campaign. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge to help your new business take off and fly high above the competition with no wasted time. Startup managers can be overwhelmed with dozens of different tasks causing them to lose time and valuable budget on experimenting with different digital marketing strategies. Your personal team at Alecan Marketing will build you a campaign that will drive qualified traffic to your website and convert them into customers.

We are an award-winning digital marketing agency with a track record of blending beautiful aesthetics with measurable results. We can help improve your ROI with scalable digital marketing solutions.

“They are helping us achieve our monthly goals with their expertise and level of support.

I love the fact that everything is under one umbrella with Alecan.”

– Eiza, Operations Manager at Pro Restoration Services


“They are helping us achieve our monthly goals with their expertise and level of support.

I love the fact that everything is under one umbrella with Alecan.”

– Eiza, Operations Manager at Pro Restoration Services






Our Marketing Strategies And Approach

Getting a clear understanding of your goals, industry, and target audience are at the core of everything we do. While you’re busy wearing multiple hats as a startup business owner, our team does in-depth research that helps us create an effective website that engages and converts visitors, designs a social media plan, and creates a highly converting media buying campaign. And the work isn’t done just there. Our team is constantly monitoring data and making on-the-fly adjustments to continuously improve your digital marketing campaign.








Case Study For Mix And Match Burger


As a startup business, Mix & Match approached us with nothing but a concept and a physical location they had purchased. Our team helped build and design their brand, create awareness, and design an award-winning website that properly explained the restaurant’s concept.

Through social media marketing and influencer marketing, our team built up a fanbase that was eager to try their burger from day one. Our team helped Mix & Match dominate a crowded industry with a number of strategies including:

Startup Businesses

Designing an effective website is significantly more than just creating something that is aesthetically pleasing. Our team of designers and developers do hours of research and multiple drafts to create a website that is not only looks pleasing but also helps meet your specific goal. All of our websites are completely customized and created with the customer’s experience and needs in mind. Small touches and changes can help guide a user towards what you’d like them to do and effectively convert them into your customer – all while having a modern and beautiful design.

SEO Services
For Startup Businesses

Earning a higher ranking in search engines is essential for startup businesses. From almost all clients, 50% of their traffic and sales come from web searches that directly result from our SEO services. Users that land on your website from Google search is significantly more likely to convert into a customer because they are actively searching for your product or service. Helping your website rank highly on specific keywords related to your business will significantly improve your brand’s visibility and help you gain new customers. Think of SEO as a long-term investment in your business. You’re purchasing up valuable internet real estate that helps you become highly visible to potential new clients. Trust our proven track record to maximize your visibility on search engines. SEO is the best investment in your overall marketing that will give you the highest ROI.

The Benefits of SEO


Results Focused Media Buying Ads For Startup Businesses

Pay Per Click - Google Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Fuel your website with high-quality traffic and watch your conversions explode. Google is the number one search engine in the world and can immediately place your business in front of the right audience through paid search ads and remarketing ads. PPC marketing is one of the proven ways to instantly gain potential clients and drive high-quality leads to your website.

Certified Google Partner
Google Ads

It can be tempting to run your own Paid ads to save money but unless you know exactly what you’re doing this can drain your marketing budget with little results to show. You will also miss out on potential new patients as a result of improperly run paid campaigns.

Google Paid Search Ads

Startup Google Search

Paid search ads are proven to convert significantly higher than other strategies because users are actively searching for your specific type of product or service. Search ads place your business at the top of the page when a user searches specifickeywords that are highly relevant to your business. These leads are about as qualified as they come. One other benefit added benefit of users consistently seeingyour website at the top of searches is the perception they gain of your brand being an authority in your industry.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Retargeting Diagram

Remarketing ads are banner ads used to stay in front of your recent website visitors on Google’s network of sites to increase conversions. The more times people see your brand, the more likely they are to purchase your product or service. The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to hear or see the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they all take action to buy that product or service. Remarketing ads are a gentle reminder to users that they showed interest in what you offer.

Social Media Icons

Social Media Marketing

Social media ads is one of the most powerful tools that a startup business can do to create immediate awareness and drive sales and leads. Your personal team of experts at Alecan Marketing uses social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create compelling and attractive campaigns for your business. Unlike Google Search Ads, social media marketing allows you to be very specific in the audience you want your ads and business to be in front of. From day one you’re able to get your message out to the exact type of customer you want.

Social Media Marketing


Facebook Ad Campaigns

For Startup Businesses

Facebook Paid Advertising

More and more users are jumping onto social media platforms every day. 74% of theU.S population checks Facebook daily meaning this is where your customers are. Facebook Ads offer the ability to be highly targeted with the audience you want.

Your personal team at Alecan Marketing will design a campaign to create brand awareness, promote a product or service, and earn you leads for your business.

Social Media Ads

Which Services Are Right for You?

Hitting the road running is vital for any startup business. It’s crucial that the right strategies are used as to not waste any of your marketing budgets. Your award-winning team at Alecan Marketing can examine your type of business and industry and figure out what the right approach is for your business. Whether it be search engine optimization, paid media ads, content marketing, or another strategy, we’ll develop a digital marketing campaign that’s tailormade for your business

At Alecan, we look at the whole picture and constantly innovate, because that’s the only way to win.

Our Startup Businesses Marketing Solutions

When you invest your hard-earned money into marketing, it needs to be placed within the right channels. Every sale or qualified lead that is generated gives you the opportunity to continue expanding your business. As a startup business owner, you know what results you want, but do you have the tools to achieve them? At Alecan, we provide startup business owners like you with the tools you need to dominate your industry like never before. From a responsive website to instant lead and sales generating funnel pages to full competitor analysis, we give our clients everything they need to succeed—and then some.

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency For Startup Businesses

Finding the right digital marketing agency to team up with is vital to the success of your startup business. You’ll want a team that has great communication with you and understands the specific needs of your industry and clients.

Our team at Alecan comes with a diverse background, meaning we hit your campaign hard from multiple angles and viewpoints. This means we take a multitude of elements into account when you partner with us and it’s a major part of the reason why we are an award-winning agency.

When you work with Alecan, you get your own personal dedicated team that can handle everything from A to Z. We believe in strong communication and collaboration with clients is the key to creating the right digital marketing campaigns that ultimately leads to growing businesses and executing customer visions.


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

Award-Winning Marketing Agency


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

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