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Establishing your law firm as an authority in your specific line of law practice is more important than ever. Marketing your law firm will put you ahead of the competition in order to get more qualified cases knocking on your door. Attorney marketing will improve your reputation and make your law firm the first choice for clients that need your services.

Alecan Marketing will drive qualified leads to your law firm through a number of marketing strategies. We conduct thorough research and use data and analytics to dive deep into your practice to bring your law firm qualified leads through SEO, paid media ads, content marketing, retargeting, and website conversion optimization.

“The team of Alecan did a fantastic job enhancing our law firms internet presence as we get new leads on daily basis. Their professionalism and attention to detail exceeded our expectations.

I don’t think we can find a service better than Alecan.”

– Michael, Director of Operations at Gomez Law Firm


“The team of Alecan did a fantastic job enhancing our law firms internet presence as we get new leads on daily basis. Their professionalism and attention to detail exceeded our expectations.

I don’t think we can find a service better than Alecan.”

– Michael, Director of Operations at Gomez Law Firm

Having a well designed website, positive reviews, and strong web presence will impact your law firm. The overwhelming majority of potential clients use online search when it comes to legal matters.

79% Looks For Reviews
96% Seeking Legal Advice

Let our team of experts at Alecan Marketing Solutions build your online image and bring you more qualified leads.






Law Firm Marketing Strategies And Approach

As an attorney, you conduct thorough research for your clients. At Alecan we do the same. All of our clients receive impeccable attention to detail when we begin a project. Our law firm marketing strategies begin by doing in-depth discovery and research to get a firm grasp on what works for your market. This is the foundation of what we do and helps to form your search presence with SEO, social media presence, paid media ads, and more. Our research never stops. While you’re busy with your clients, we continue to collect data to re-evaluate and make adjustments to keep your firm’s online presence strong. This will drive more qualified traffic to your website and convert it into better leads.








101 Power Words For Law Firm

Free Download: 101 Must-Have Power Words To Use On Law Firm Website.


Having proper law firm website design is an impactful way to positively position your firm for potential clients. Having a powerful website can have a reassuring cognitive effect in a client’s mind that you are the right attorney to help win their case. For Alecan, this is an ongoing process of data collection to see what clients are positively responding to so we can adjust and optimize for better conversion rate. Allow us to make an impression on your clients by designing compelling website for your law firm worthy of your firm’s image.

SEO Services
For Law Firms & Attorneys

Most potential clients are going to use a search engine to conduct research when looking for an attorney. Where and how high your website is ranked is critical to gaining qualified leads. Excellent law firm SEO will drive traffic directly to your website to earn more potential clients and cases. Attorney SEO is a long-term investment on your behalf that will drive traffic long after you’ve stopped any paid ad campaigns. Our team of experts has broken down the science of proper search engine optimization for what does and doesn’t work. When creating a strong, long-lasting online presence, investing in SEO is critical to your law firm. SEO is the best investment in your overall marketing that will give you the highest ROI.

The Benefits of SEO


Results Focused Media Buying Ads For Law Firms & Attorneys

Pay Per Click - Google Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

One of the best ways to earn early, qualified traffic leads is to use paid search ads through search engines such as Google. Paid search ads will position your law firm right at the top of a client’s web search for specific keywords related to your practice. Positioning yourself at the top of the search significantly increases the chances of the user clicking through to your website.

Certified Google Partner
Google Ads

Attempting to manage your own Paid Ads to save money will actually cost more marketing budget dollars due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, you will be missing out on potential new clients through improperly run paid campaigns.

Google Paid Search Ads

Accident Attorney Google Search

The majority of your potential clients will begin their search for a law firm or attorney through search engines. Paid search ads will put your firm at the top of their search when they look for your service. These leads are more qualified because they are ACTIVELY searching for your type or law practice or service. Our team consistently analyzes data to adjust your search ad campaigns to improve your cost per click and to maximize your conversion rate.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Retargeting Diagram

Remarketing ads are banner ads that are shown on Google’s network of websites to users that have already visited your site. By retargeting them you get to consistently show your message which can increase conversions. The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect must “hear” your message at least 7 times before committing to acquire your product or service

Social Media Icons

Social Media Marketing

Part of building your law firm’s online presence is doing social media marketing. Having a presence on various platforms gives potential clients a view into what you’re able to do as well as giving you the ability to market yourselves as an authority to clients. Our expert team at Alecan Marketing will create a social media marketing campaign strategy to harness the power of various platforms to enhance your social presence, build awareness of your firm, and to generate qualified leads.

Social Media Marketing


Facebook Ad Campaigns

For Law Firms & Attorneys

Facebook Paid Advertising

Facebook ads for law firms and attorneys give you the ability to broadcast your message to a wide range of people. Facebook’s platform gives you the ability to be highly targeted in terms of who can see your advertisement and message. Not only can Facebook ads drive qualified leads to your law firm but they can also build brand awareness for your practice and to build your practice as the authority in your line of law.

Law Firms &Amp; Attorneys

Which Services Are Right for You?

The right digital marketing campaign for law firms and attorneys requires a multi-channel approach. The more proper channels your law practice is able to implement, the more touchpoints you create for potential clients. Some of the ideal strategies for this industry are search engine optimization and paid advertising such as search ads and Facebook ads. Our team of designers, developers, writers, and SEO experts can build a successful marketing campaign for your firm.

At Alecan, we look at the whole picture and constantly innovate, because that’s the only way to win.

Law Firms &Amp; Attorneys

Internet Marketing For Law Firms & Attorneys Who Practice In:

• Bankruptcy
• Business/Corporate
• Civil Litigation
• Criminal Defense
• Corporate
• Contract
• Digital Media & Internet
• Employment & Labor
• Entertainment
• Family Law
• Finance & Securities

• Immigration
• Intellectual Property
• General Practice
• Medical Malpractice
• Mergers & Acquisition
• Personal Injury
• Professional Responsibility
• Real Estate
• Tax
• Traffic
• Workers Compensation

Medical & Healthcare Marketing Agency

We’re passionate about what we do here, and we’re committed to seeing our clients succeed. Our years of experience and expertise are what make us an award-winning agency. We’re committed to continuously staying on top of what’s working in digital marketing. That commitment is what has made our efforts so successful for our clients.

By working with Alecan your firm will have access to a team that is authorities in the field of digital marketing. Let us take care of your attorney marketing to drive qualified traffic to your website so that you can focus on winning cases for your clients. Alecan can help your firm meet its goals and objectives and maximize return on investment.


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

Award-Winning Marketing Agency


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

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