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As a medical spa and aesthetic center, you provide comfort and confidence to your patients and help them discover their best self. Portraying the right image for your brand plays a large part into what type of clients you acquire and if you’re able to retain them. As an experienced medical spa marketing agency, we’re able to develop an effective marketing plan that will help introduce the right type of clients to your practice, help to retain them, and establish steady growth of your brand.

“These guys are the most professional marketing team anyone can work with.

They exceeded our company’s expectations in every way, and opened doors for us we never thought would exist.”

– Alen, Co-Founder of Pure Touch Laser Center

Medical Spa Marketing

“These guys are the most professional marketing team anyone can work with.

They exceeded our company’s expectations in every way, and opened doors for us we never thought would exist.”

– Alen, Co-Founder of Pure Touch Laser Center






Our Marketing Strategies And Approach Of Acquiring & Retaining Customers

To help you grow the way you deserve and to introduce the right clients, we start off by getting a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives. From there, we’re able to create a marketing plan tailored to advertise your medical spa & wellness center that will help bring the type of growth you’re looking for. Your dedicated team at Alecan will design and construct a digital marketing plan that understands your ideal client’s needs, helps to retain clients, and portrays your brand image just the way you want. Along the way, our team continuously monitors data to adjust and improve your campaign.








Popular Hashtags For Medical Spas

Free Guide: Download Our List Of Popular Medical Spa Hashtags For Better Social Engagement

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Lazer Lounge Med Spa Case Study


As a young and growing business, Lazer Lounge approached us with the need to improve their overall brand awareness and earn a steady stream of new and long-term patients.

In the highly competitive medical spa industry, it was important to differentiate themselves from the competition. Our full-scale comprehensive digital marketing campaign has increased their new patient acquisition and brand awareness through a cross-channel approach consisting of:


Although Pure Touch is a local business, their industry is highly competitive, so one of the most important goals was to gain loyal customers for them.

What began as a smaller and more specific service for them ended up transforming into a fully-developed marketing strategy that has increased their customer engagement and leads significantly by using a cross-channel approach consisting of:

Pure Touch Medical Spa Case Study


Beauty, health, confidence, and safety are what your medical spa & wellness center should promote.

We will provide an eye-catching website that has functional structure, informative content and is well optimized and customized to your needs. With a chic and functional design, we’re able to keep clients engaged, provide solutions for their questions, and help you meet your business goals.

SEO Services
For Medical Spas And Aesthetic Centers

Many of your clients will begin their search for your service with a simple Google search. It’s vital that when they’re looking for a solution, your website is there to help provide them the answers they’re looking for. Our medical spa SEO services take an all-encompassing approach to your business model and services to help your site rank for the proper search terms that your ideal client is conducting. SEO for the medical spa is a long-term investment that positions your brand as an authority in your industry and helps introduce clients that are looking for the services you provide. SEO is the best investment in your overall marketing that will give you the highest ROI.

The Benefits of SEO


Results Focused Media Buying Ads For Medical Spas & Aesthetic Centers

Pay Per Click - Google Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Your ideal clients are everywhere on the web. They’re also searching for a solution that they need and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an ideal way of introducing your website to clients that are intended to buy your services. There are over 20 million searches a month related to medical spa and wellness services that your brand can take advantage of to grow and earn more clients.

Certified Google Partner
Google Ads

Attempting to manage your own Paid Ads to save money will actually cost more marketing budget dollars due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, you will be missing out on potential new clients through improperly run paid campaigns.

Google Paid Search Ads

Paid Search Advertising For Medical Spa

People are searching for wellness and therapeutic service-related questions directly on Google. An ideal way to be the solution to their problem is by using Google Search ads. As a result, your med spa and aesthetic center will benefit at the top of their searches before your competitors. Once they click on your ad, they’ll land on a beautifully designed funnel page that will provide all the answers they need to make a booking with you.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Retargeting Diagram

Staying on top of a client’s mind is a great way to help them convert or keep them coming back. Remarketing ads target users that have visited your website before and displays ads on Google’s network of websites to keep you on top of their mind and help maximize conversion. The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they take action to buy that product or service.

Social Media Icons

Social Media Marketing

Make your medical spa or aesthetic center stand out from the competition with a social media marketing strategy that is built specifically to reach your goals and objectives. Showcase the value and unparalleled benefits that your customers can experience even before they set foot into your business!

Social media has the power to spotlight the value that your services and brand possess through glamorous videos, engaging content, and high-quality photos. It’s a way to truly connect and communicate with your audience by providing them with content that catches their attention. Building an effective social marketing strategy for your medical spa or aesthetic center is an ideal investment to grow your brand and get customers heading straight through your doors.

Social Media Marketing


Facebook Ad Campaigns

For Medical Spas & Aesthetic Centers

Facebook Paid Advertising

It’s no surprise that Facebook ads have made a huge impact on how your business can advertise online. With such a powerful platform, you need a dedicated and experienced team behind it to take care of your med spa and aesthetic center marketing needs and objectives. From the data analysis, audience research, and behavioral targeting, we’ll make sure to showcase your business to customers that actually want your services!

Our team of marketers at Alecan will develop highly effective and precise Facebook ad campaigns that target quality leads that help grow your business and deliver a large ROI. We guarantee to get results that work within your budget, so you can focus on the other essential aspects of your med spa and aesthetic center.

Facebook Advertising Of Medical Spa

Which Services Are Right for You?

To really create the right medical spa marketing plan that hits all the right notes with your clients it’s ideal to have a multi-channel approach. This approach will help your medical spa reach its goals, bring in the right type of clients, and retain them for consistent repeat purchases. Our experience has shown that typically medical spas need a mix of search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads to get the right message across and reach clients on various platforms.

At Alecan, we take a look at the whole picture and constantly innovate to help you meet your goals.

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency For Medical Spas And Wellness Centers

We love working with medical spas at Alecan because of the variety of services provided and the ability to be creative within that industry. From flawless skin to that perfect pout, our team knows what your ideal client wants to see. Every step of your medical spa marketing plan is designed around your business goals.

Your personal team at Alecan is made up of experienced graphic designers, writers, and marketers that are dedicated to helping your medical spa grow because your success, means our success.


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

Award-Winning Marketing Agency


Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Convert Visitors Into Leads And Customers

Generate Brand Loyalty And Repeat Business

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