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Is PageRank Still The Primary Value Of A Link?

Google Pagerank Meter

There’s a lot of debate about this in the SEO industry – and there always has been.

Does Google still consider PageRank (the little green bar) to be the primary value quotient for the value of a link?

What about relevance? The position of the link itself (blogroll vs. author bio vs. in-content, etc.)?

And do they go “deep” with their analysis, looking at links that actually drive traffic, rather than just another path for the spiders?

These are all good questions… and they’ve been bugging us SEO’s for the past decade.

The bottom line is that, while nobody knows for sure, the data suggests that High PR links are still the strongest ranking factor – but there also appears to be very good reason to support the importance of other additional factors (relevance, positioning, actual clicks registered in Google Analytics, etc.)

We’ve definitely seen sites rank very well with just a handful of high PR, relevant, in-content links.

So I think it’s safe to say that the most powerful kind of backlink will have the following attributes:

  • Originates from a specific page with existing PageRank
    (PR2+ ideally – and we’re talkiing about the PR of the page, not just the root domain)
  • Relevant to the target site
    (in the same industry, ideally an authority site)
  • Prevalent positioning
    (a contextual, in-content backlink – not just part of a list of links, or tacked on at the end as an “author bio” link)

So in other words… they’re hard to get. Or, at least – they used to be…

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