Lilit Bakery & Cafe

Lilit Bakery is a local family bakery that has been in business for over 20 years. They recently brought their business to the next level with an upgrade and relocation. Their goal for Alecan was for us to create a new website that was effective in driving sales and achieving brand continuity.

We brought their website to life with an array of incredible images and videos that we provided through photoshoots and videography of the bakery’s most delicious signature treats. We displayed this media throughout the website and included an online menu to simplify the ordering process.

We also made the website very mobile-responsive to make it more convenient for the industry’s customers, who predominantly visit on their smart phones. We are very satisfied with the end product: a very enticing website promoting Lilit Bakery’s existing brand and driving new clients to their doors.

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Web Development - Lilit Bakery & Cafe
Mobile Responsive Web Development - Lilit Bakery & Cafe