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Commercial Photography

Creating Outstanding And Impactful Images To Help Define Your Brand Image And Exceed Your Marketing Goals

High-quality photography is essential to your business and building credibility. First impressions are everything to a business, and the photography on your website, in your social media posts, and in ads all affect the first impression you give to your customers. You need to confirm your professionalism and value by investing in professional commercial photo services.

Alecan Marketing Solutions is a team of leading commercial photo experts that offer commercial photography in addition to Facebook advertising, pay-per-click marketing, and logo design, to provide every component your business needs to build your brand, increase your audience awareness, and boost sales. In today’s world, your consumer expects to see high-quality, sophisticated ads that can instantly tell them of the experience they are going to receive by investing in you. When you only have mere seconds to capture and hold a potential customer’s attention, you need exquisite commercial photography.

Professional Photos Convert Viewers into Customers

It isn’t enough to merely throw up some photographs you took yourself. Your customers are savvy shoppers who understand the difference between a professional website, and an amateur one. And who do you think they will want to invest in with their money?

Quick snapshots are for personal social media accounts to share moments, and professional photography converts visitors into customers and sells products.

Reasons Why You NEED Professional Logo Design and Brand Identity


When you’ve worked hard to build a business and brand, don’t allow poor-quality photos to tarnish your reputation and skew the message you send to customers. The images you use on your website and ads need to match the quality of products and services you provide.

The best way to capture professional images is by hiring professional photographers. The commercial photo experts at Alecan have not only the most up-to-date professional camera equipment and lighting gear but they also have years of experience in the field to draw on.

From product photography and staging to portraiture and professional head shots, we know exactly how to capture your products and staff members using the best-of-the-best techniques.


The power of storytelling is very real. Just think back to when you were a kid and were told a story by your parent. Your imagination ran wild and you could see everything they were describing. The same goes for your customers. Engaging them with visual storytelling will get them envisioning your product or service and will leave a lasting impression on their minds.

The only way to effectively engage your customer with storytelling is through professional commercial photos. Smartphones may be just fine for taking a quick picture to post on Facebook or send to a client, but for your website and online ads, you need quality images that are crystal clear, and shot using effective staging techniques and in the right lighting.

Ready To Capture The Best Of Your Business?

Contact the commercial photo experts at Alecan Marketing Solutions today if you would like more information on our commercial photography services so you can put the face to your professional reputation and brand. (800) 208-5458

Why Should You Work with Alecan Marketing Solutions?

Our team of commercial photo experts provides the services you need for all of your website, advertising, product, staff, and commercial photo needs. We offer onsite services at your place of business for photos of your product and of your commercial space for your website and for staff shots for a brochure. We can also travel to a location of your choice to capture the images that best represent your brand.

Why Should You Work with Alecan Marketing Solutions?

We take you through the whole process of point and shoot, in print and on your website. After we conduct the photoshoot, our team of post-production experts color correct and make any necessary edits to your photos for both web and print use. If you request, we can also provide full retouching services to all of the commercial photos. Once we are finished editing, you will receive either a CD, DVD, or thumb drive of your images or through an online Cloud service like Dropbox.

A smartphone does not make you a professional photographer. There is so much more that goes into our commercial photography than just a simple point and click. We also take care of photo styling, composition, lighting, and post-production editing to help you make you look your absolute best.


In-Studio and On-Location Photo Shoots

Photo Styling with Props and Product Placement

Image Editing to Create Incredible Storytelling Boards

Post-Production Including Resizing, Retouching, Color Correction, and Background Removal

File Transfer Instantly to Your Account Using Cloud Services

Quick Turnaround to Accommodate Your Busy Schedule and Tight Deadlines

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