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Since 1988, TechFusion had established themselves as a leader in data recovery and digital forensics services. With experienced and knowledgable leadership, they represented the biggest firm in this industry spanning much of the east coast while working on high-profile cases with the FBI, NASA, The Boston Globe, and much more.

With their firm’s workload ever-increasing, addressing and maintaining their own online web presence was placed on the back burner. As a result, their competition grew and slowly started taking part in their market share causing TechFusion to reassess their current state and make a push into the 21st century for their marketing.

After reaching out to us for our services, we analyzed their current state and identified that their industry experience, acumen, skills, and knowledge far outweighed their online web presence.

A full website redesign and development was necessary to re-establish TechFusion as the leaders they were.

After months of planning, in-depth research, and drafts, we designed and developed a new website that offers us the tools to implement our content marketing and SEO strategies to drive traffic.

In addition, as our team was building the website, we focused on conversion optimization that builds credibility, authority, and would trigger visitors to take our desired actions.

By doing this, we have been able to maximize conversions and online sales for TechFusion.

Their new website now properly represents the strong brand and reputation that they own.

Techfusion - Website
Techfusion - Mobile Website
Techfusion - Website
Techfusion - Mobile Website