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Twitter Apps For Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Alecan Social Media Marketing Twitter Tools

Most businesses now realize that social media platforms such as Twitter can be an efficient and cost-effective way to establish a brand identity, engage with new customers, and quickly respond to questions or comments about products or services, but simply posting your latest blog or timely tweet once a day is not enough to generate new followers.

A great social media marketing campaign is founded on consistency (lots of posts), relevancy (interesting posts), and engagement (interacting with other users). However, fulfilling these requirements can be a time-consuming and thankless job. Luckily, a number of apps are available to help improve the efficiency of your company’s Twitter social media marketing campaigns, and many are free for single accounts.

If you want to increase your business’s Twitter followers, try the following apps.


Twitter’s native organizational and analytics tool, Tweetdeck, provides users with an easy-to-use interface, tweet-scheduling, a way to organize and build custom timelines, and a method for keeping and eye of your account’s lists, searches, and activity. To improve efficiency, Tweetdeck also utilizes keyboard shortcuts, real-time tweet streaming, and allows multiple users to access on account without giving away the account password. Price: Free, but serious social media managers may find it limiting.


Developed by Moz, Followerwonk is a great app for identifying and engaging with followers and influencers on Twitter, and the apps easy-to-understand graphs and reports can come in handy when deciding where to allocate resources. Used by big-name brands like Skullcandy, Xerox, IMAX, MerrillLynch, and Rhapsody, Followerwonk also gives users the power to follow and unfollow easily. Price: Free for one profile, $29 a month for 3 profiles, and $79 a month for up to 20 profiles.


While many apps make the distribution of materials and tweets easier, SocialBro focuses primarily on the social aspect of Twitter by narrowing in on your account’s audience, your competitor’s, your competitor’s audience, and key influencers in your demographic. By leveraging what people in your Twittersphere care about, talk about, and follow, businesses and individuals can appeal to issues users care about. Price: Unknown (custom plans).


Another great tool for finding new followers and increasing engagement, Tweepi allows users to follow another account’s followers/friends, follow members of a Twitter list, follow by tweet, or follow by user bio search. Tweepi also provides a way to easily find followers and follow them back quickly, and the app’s “cleanup” tool makes unfollowing offensive or un-engaged users a breeze. Price: A silver (basic) package costs $74 a year, and a platinum (deluxe) package costs $149 a year.


Manageflitter helps simplify your Twitter interactions by answering questions like “who did I follow?” “who unfollowed me?” “when are most of my followers online” and “how do I find new people to follow?” using intuitive metrics. Manageflitters most powerful feature is its Search capability, which allows social media managers to find new users by keywords, followers, account age, location, and dozens of other parameters. Price: Free for the basic version, $144 a year for small agencies, $588 a year for large companies managing multiple accounts.


One of the most popular Twitter apps today, Buffer, lets social media managers easily create a posting queue, and offers advice on when posts will be most effective and/or receive the highest engagement. It’s also very easy to upload photos and images to Buffer, and the app’s native image editor, Pablo, allows users to create custom content in seconds. Price: Free for one account, $120 a year for 10 accounts, $600 a year for 25 accounts, $1,200 a year for 50 accounts, and $3,000 a year for 150 different accounts.


The industry standard for years, Hootsuite, is still a powerful tool despite conceding ground to competitors like Buffer and Sprout Social. A veritable all-in-one app for Twitter account management, Hootsuite allows users to schedule hundreds of posts at a time, suggest new content to share, track social mentions, respond to other users, and measure the ROI of your campaigns using a variety of metrics. Price: $120 a year for the Pro version, custom pricing for the Enterprise version.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a rising star in the world of social media management, and it’s not difficult to see why social media managers with resources at their disposal are abandoning other apps for Sprout’s powerful features. Besides publishing on multiple networks, Sprout Social allows users to respond to mentions, re-tweets, and messages quickly and effectively, as well as measure all social efforts with comprehensive analytics reports. Price: $700 a year for Deluxe, $1,200 a year for Premium, $6,000 a year for Team.


If you’re unsure of which social media management app is best for you or your business’s needs, contact Alecan Marketing Solutions today. We’ll help you decide which, if any, Twitter apps will be the best for you to achieve your goals and develop an effective social media marketing strategy for your brand.