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10 Tips For Wedding Venues Improving Consumer Engagement On Social Media

How To Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Wedding Venue

Social media plays a significant role in extending your brand to people all over the world. As a wedding venue, having a social media marketing strategy can take your brand’s awareness and perception to the next level.

What’s important is how you can increase your engagement with your audiences. The more people engage and learn about your company, the more likely they are to do business with you. As you plan on how to increase your brand awareness in the digital field, make sure you go over these tips to find out what you need to do to become successful.

Tip 1: Understand Who Your Audience Is

It’s hard to increase engagement with your followers if you don’t truly understand who they are. As a wedding venue, you must understand what type of hobbies your followers have, what they like, and what content they interact with the most.

Doing so will allow you to develop an audience persona that your company can effectively target and satisfy.

Be aware that every social media platform caters to different age groups and not every wedding venue is the same.

Understanding the needs of the bride and groom will position you as a top choice if you include those elements in your posts.

Highlighting the strengths of your venue that you know your audience loves will help you begin to build a brand within their mind.

Ask yourself these key questions to better understand your audience:

  • What type of wedding posts gets the most likes and comments?
  • What gender do most of my followers consist of?
  • What stage are they in at planning their wedding?
  • What needs, challenges, and problems do the bride and groom have?
  • How do they think?
  • What do they value in a wedding venue?

Tip 2: Be Aware of Consumer Habits

You need to have something eye-catching since people’s attention span is very short.

According to research done by Fors Marsh, in the news feed on Facebook, people spend an average of 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile.

Being aware of your consumer’s habits is critical to increasing your engagement with them.

As a wedding venue, you are competing with dozens or hundreds of other venues in your area for attention.

Those who better understand their target audience’s consumer habits will have a better chance at significantly connecting with them.

Make sure some of the content you are putting out is entertaining your audience such as:

  • Highlights of weddings
  • Unique themes and designs
  • Decorations of your venue
  • Showing off elaborate designs and inspiring ideas will show off the capabilities of your venue
  • Customer testimonials

This helps create a perception in their mind of what they can expect from your venue. Building this perception over time is key to how you want your target audience to view your brand.

The more eye-catching the content, the better. Keep your posts relative to your brand and don’t be afraid to get creative to capture people’s attention.

Tip 3: Have a Clear Call-to-Action and Message

What is the reason you want to increase engagement on your social platform?

If you’re a wedding venue, you most likely want to increase your leads and bookings.

However, before you jump into anything, you don’t want your social pages purely to be based around direct selling.

According to Social Media Today, 66% of audiences feel deceived when they realize they’ve been reading a sponsored post or ad.

You don’t want your social posts to look like a bunch of advertisements on a screen. Focus on a message about what makes your wedding venue special from your competitors.

The clearer the message of your posts, the more likely you will get the right type of followers you want.

Make sure to be aware that social media values quality interactions first. Create that interaction, and your followers will appreciate it.

Tip 4: Have a Consistent Social Media Calendar and Story Posts

Consistency is one of the essential aspects of social media.

You want to have the right balance of staying relevant, but not overdoing it at the same time.

Have targeted times and days throughout the week that you know your followers will be online. Create a consistent social calendar to make your audience look forward to your posts.

Although it’s different for the type of business you’re in, most studies suggest posting your content during the late afternoons and within the evenings.

Having worked with over ten prominent wedding venues in Los Angeles, we found that posting after 3:30 pm on your social media gets the most engagement.

This is significant because most people will be out of work and returning home to relax. The more people see your posts, the higher the chance some of those people will engage with it.

Tip 5: Use the Social Media Engagement Tools on Your Platform

Five years ago, social media tools were way different than what they are today. 

As of now, there are many engagement tools on various social media platforms to help get your followers to engage with you.

On Instagram, for example, users can create and customize polls and questionnaires within their stories.

This is a highly effective way to engage with your audience; you have them interact with your stories.

Instagram Story Question

Facebook has also recently come up with their story component. Like Instagram, users can edit their stories to add polls, stickers, music, and location.

These components provide insights into who has seen your stories, the people who interacted, and gives you the ability to share people’s interaction in your stories.

You can also read more about this topic at Instagram Stories: Best Practices For Your Wedding Venue.

Down the line, you can create audiences within Facebook ads manager to target people that have engaged with your Instagram or Facebook pages with paid social ads.

Showing off your wedding venue using up-to-date social media engagement tools can help you create more effective.

Wedding venues can show some behind the scenes looks to what goes on within the planning stage of a beautiful wedding.

Tip 6: Create Visually Appealing Content

This should be a no brainer for any company trying to increase their engagement on social media.

Having visually appealing content to your posts will garner a more significant following to your brand and show your followers you know what they like.

Some examples of visually appealing content:

  • the newlywed’s first dance
  • wedding cuisine
  • the venue decoration itself
  • highlights of the wedding

This also means that your whole wedding venue aesthetic must be visually appealing.

Depending on what brand you are trying to build or the perception you want, be selective on what events and elements you choose to highlight.

You shouldn’t be posting high-quality images mixed in with some blurry or poorly lit photos. Keep your standard for your posts high. Over time this creates a perception of your brand.

Tip 7: Create An Inviting Caption

A caption can make a difference whether or not your audience engages with your posts or just scrolls through.

Make sure your captions entice people to have a conversation with you and your brand.

Provide your followers with engaging questions with topics that are important to them.

If your wedding venue worked with various wedding photographers and vendors, make sure to tag them in your post and thank them for the wonderful event they put together.

Interacting with other vendors you’ve worked with will increase the chances that they share your posts which helps you to organically increase your impressions and build more of an audience.

Creating captions can vary from each social media platform. Here are some tips for each platform.

For Instagram:

  • Keep your captions relatively short and to the point
  • The first line of words can indicate whether or not people will read through it all
  • Include relevant emojis to your caption

For Pinterest

  • Captions play an essential role within search engine results
  • They can heavily contribute to your wedding venue being found online from Pinterest
  • Pinterest acts like its search engine on its platform, meaning targeting selected keywords is very critical.

For Facebook

  • Captions can be shorter or longer depending on your topic and brand voice
  • Wedding venues can share personal stories and ideas to create a conversation with their followers and guests.
  • Great platform to have more meaningful types of topics and have people share their own stories.
  • 39% of Facebook users follow business pages because they want to receive exclusive discounts and offers.

Tip 8: Be Active at Responding to Comments and Messages

Communication is not a one-way street.

When people are engaging with your content, a response can go a long way.

Wedding venues that have high engagements with their customers show constant communication.

This is the same within social media of any type of industry. If someone is commenting on your post, that means that they decided to take time out of their day to engage with your brand.

A simple thank you can be very beneficial to how your followers perceive you.

Active engagement can make it clear to your followers that your wedding venue is listening.

When done correctly, this sets up a system of constant communication that can lead to new leads and increase your follower count.

The more you engage with your audience, the better perception they will have of you.

Tip 9: Have a Dedicated Budget for Social Media

Since social media is such a crowded field with so many businesses fighting for the same piece of the pie, a dedicated budget is needed to increase engagement.

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, social media is a continually changing field.

These platforms change their algorithm year after year which can affect your audience reach.

For that reason, you need to look over your best performing posts to boost it for more audiences to see.

Boosting your posts will get you more reach and garner more attention to your profile and social pages. This will also ensure that people outside of your followers will see your brand and message.

Along with a dedicated budget, having your company being able to adapt to consumer’s needs is essential to building up your presence and be seen by more people.

Tip 10: Understand That It’s a Long-Term Strategy

Wedding venues need to understand that 5, or even 10, useful posts will not increase your engagements dramatically.

Like any social media marketing strategy, it is a long-term commitment to consistently post great content and communicate regularly with your followers.

Social media is about building relationships with people.

This means, at times, your brand must be good listeners, be authentic, and have genuine qualities to succeed.

The more you understand the long-term growth and commitment of your wedding venue social media presence, the better you position yourself in getting great results.


So are you ready to start increasing your social media presence? Follow these 10 tips and we promise you’ll start to see results if you’re consistent.

Think of this as a real-life relationship. The more you check up on people and offer them something they value, the better relationship you’re able to build with them. That relationship leads to better engagement, more trust, and ultimately turning into a lead for your wedding venue.

If your wedding venue needs some guidance on where to begin with your social media campaign, Alecan Marketing has extensive experience in wedding venue marketing. We have helped dozens of venues increase their brand awareness, grow their business, and earn more leads and bookings.

To speak with one of our account managers on how we can help grow your venue and meet your business goals, contact us.