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Building A Better And More Profitable Online Presence Of Your Business With Results-Oriented Marketing Strategies That Bring You Quality Leads

What We Do

We’re not your ordinary advertising agency. Alecan is an award-winning digital marketing agency that prioritizes customer success and meeting your business objectives as a goal. Our approach to digital marketing services assures your business will remain on the cutting edge of digital trends while maximizing your web presence, boosting traffic, generating qualified leads, and increasing brand loyalty for repeat business. Our team of creative designers, developers, and experienced marketing directors work closely to develop marketing strategies to meet your marketing objectives.

Services We Provide To Grow Your Brand

Web Development

Alecan combines the best web development practices and solutions in order to generate and drive qualified leads. Our goal is to successfully target your customized audience and create quality leads to grow your business.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing strategies we implement at Alecan are designed to increase customer engagement and market your business using the most effective methods, research, and tools available.

Branding & Design

We create strong branding for your specific service or product. We focus on creating a compelling design to capture your customers’ attention, and outstanding user experience to keep them coming back again and again.

Our Approach To Building Your Online Presence Profitable

Drive Qualified

One of the most important keys to a successful business is getting qualified leads that can turn into customers. With our digital marketing services, we target and deliver the right audience to your business that is more likely to buy.

In order to grow a strong brand online, you need to drive relevant traffic to your website that can turn into qualified leads. At Alecan, we provide a strategic approach to generating and driving qualified leads.

Our advertising and marketing approach revolves around email marketing, search engine optimization, paid search ads, content marketing, Facebook ads, and social media management—all incorporating a user-friendly experience. These elements combined will target your audience and create quality leads to drive your business.

Convert Visitors
Into Customers

With our marketing strategies, compelling designs, and conversion funnels, you’ll see significant increase in customer engagement and acquisition rate.

A conversion can be anything from product purchasing to a quote request or appointment booking. Turning visitors into conversions is one of our top priorities at Alecan Marketing Solutions. We do the research and take the time to determine your company’s current position in your industry by performing a competitive analysis. Once we have this information, we strategize how to drive traffic, turn visitors into customers.

Our creative team designs & develops attractive and user-friendly websites with layouts that have a clearer message, better usability and functionality, stronger content, and compelling calls to action that will increase customer engagement.

Increase Brand Loyalty
And Repeat Business

Our digital marketing strategies result in visitors where they becoming leads and leads becoming customers. With select marketing strategies we continuously bring back those visitors to your website. This increases brand loyalty and lifetime customer value who will choose you for life.

It’s essential to keep bringing your visitors and customers back. When you have recurring traffic, it builds trust and loyalty with your target audience. And when this happens, you begin to see a repeat revenue model that’s easier than getting brand new business leads.

We know how to design and create websites and mobile apps that keep your visitors and customers coming back. These services create trust in your business brand by using tools that will re-engage customers who are already familiar with your business.

Serving A Broad Range Of Industries

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Medical Spa
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Solar Energy Companies
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Small Business
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Featured Work

We're Not Your Ordinary Advertising Agency

We're A Blend Of Trust, Passion, And Logic

Alecan digital marketing agency is made up of a dynamic team of digital strategists, web designers, developers, marketing specialists, and content marketing strategists who collaborate to bring each client the most current, striking, and engaging campaigns and management available.

What Customers Say About Our Digital Marketing Services

Our priority is the success of our clients. This is why we put our expertise into everything we do for their branding and growth.
Here’s what our clients say about our digital marketing company.

Taglyan Complex

“As a leader, both in our industry and in the community, Taglyan Complex requires web presence that accurately reflects our high standards of excellence. As a long-time client, we’ve been extremely happy with the digital marketing services performed by Alecan and the prompt delivery of their professional services.

The Alecan Marketing Team’s hands-on approach, which includes regular face-to-face meetings and immediate replies to emails and phone calls, also ensures that all efforts are coordinated and that everyone is moving in the same direction. Thanks for helping Taglyan Complex remain the most respected event venue in Los Angeles. We appreciate all your hard work!”

– Gary Taglyan

Taglyan Complex Showcase
Mix&Amp;Match Burger Showcase
Mix&Amp;Match Burger

“We’ve been doing business with Alecan for several of our companies, for over ten years and they have been the best internet marketing company we’ve come up to. With our most recent company, we knew we had a lot of competition in the industry, and it was very important for us to increase our brand presence. The team at Alecan helped bring our vision together and get our name out there before and after our grand opening through their marketing services. I look forward continuing to work with Alecan for many years to come.”

– Rafi H.